What ADHD Coaching Is

Most Frequently Asked Questions about ADHD Coaching

When a person with ADHD contacts me to discuss the possibility of entering into a coaching relationship, they typically ask a lot of questions about what coaching is all about and what they can expect from the relationship. Are you considering the possibility of hiring an ADHD coach? Then let me share with you the information I provide to my prospective clients.

What is ADHD Coaching?
 ADHD Coaching is a partnership between you and your coach in which the coach helps you identify:
- What is getting in the way of my fulfillment? 
- How can I use my strengths to be more effective and successful in the various domains of my life?

 The coach does this by asking powerful questions that help you get to the bottom of what is really creating difficulties in your life. Once these "blocks" are identified, your coach helps you develop the strategies necessary to effectively compensate or overcome them. Coaching always delivers results if the coach is a well trained and certified professional, the match between you and your coach is a good one, you do the work and don't quit prematurely.

How does coaching work?
 At the beginning of the coaching relationship, the coach takes time to get to know you and the way you learn and communicate as well as your strengths and limitations and the typical ways you approach tasks, projects, and relationships. For example: do you tend to plan ahead or fly by the seat of your pants? The coach will help you articulate your goals for coaching and develop a structured plan for the two of you. You and your coach will select proven strategies for successfully addressing the habits and behaviors that may be holding you back from fulfilling your life's purpose. Best of all, your coach will help you stay on track as you begin making changes in your personal and professional life.

How long does it take before I get results?
 Most people experience small, incremental improvements almost immediately. But making permanent, long-term changes in your life will take some time. The longer you engage with a coach, the more you will get from the experience. Once you identify the goals you want to accomplish, you and your coach can create a time frame for reaching them. But remember, this time frame can only serve as a guide. It may take you longer, or less time, to achieve your specific goals depending upon your unique makeup and motivation, and those endless unplanned occurrences that happen on a daily and weekly basis.

What are coaching sessions like?
 Every coach will vary with the way they run their coaching sessions. During a typical session, you will check in with your coach around how you are feeling and share any concerns that are occupying your mind. Next, you will report to your coach on progress made on your commitments between sessions. Your coach will acknowledge your progress and give you the opportunity to share whatever prevented you from taking a particular action and to identify steps for moving forward during the next week. The coaching session gives you and your coach an opportunity to gain valuable insights and remove barriers to success. Then it's time to recap the session, summarize your new commitments to take action, and make the next appointment.

What is the difference between an ADHD Coach and a regular Life Coach?
 Life coaches typically know and understand the needs of the mainstream adult population. For some life coaches it can be difficult to understand the ADHD mind and accompanying behaviors. For this reason, people with ADHD often prefer working with an ADHD coach who understands their issues and challenges. Many ADHD coaches have ADHD themselves and can pass on what they have learned to others with ADHD. ADHD Coaches have a whole set of methods and techniques especially suited to with the needs of ADHD clients. They understand the brain, the underlying neurology, the executive function issues, and the specific types of behavior changes and organizational techniques that people with ADHD need to increase their productivity. Many ADHD Coaches start by completing life coach training requirements and then go on to earn their certification in ADHD coaching.

What can I expect to get from a coaching relationship?
 You can expect to be:
- Listened to with 100 % of your coach's attention
- Treated respectfully, ethically and fairly at all times
- Asked powerful and empowering questions that go immediately to the heart of the matter
- Presented with opportunities to create structures that will keep you on track and accountable to your commitments
- Offered a positive and upbeat coaching environment. 
Also, a competent ADHD Coach will be able to work with you to address all of your executive function and organizational issues, including but not limited to: 
- Procrastination
- Time management 
- Paper management and clutter
- Setting and following schedules
- Impulsivity in action or speech
- Beginning and following through on tasks and projects
- How to approach complicated tasks and break them down into sequenced steps or chunks
- Better ways to communicate to get the right results 
- The moods and beliefs that impact your success

In summary, you can count on your coach to work in all the domains of your life including: self care, finances, marriage and family, personal and professional relationships, career or job, and physical, mental and spiritual health/well being.

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